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Looking for Open-Source Contributors?

If you're a project owner/maintainer looking for more contributors to your project, you can gain more contributors by listing your repository on

What is

It is a platform that has a list of popular Open-Source project repositories with "Open" Good First Issues. So whether you're making your first contribution or want to take up some beginner-friendly issues, you will find a project repository there.

How can I list my project?

You can list your repository by making a pull request here:

GitHub logo DeepSourceCorp / good-first-issue

Make your first open-source contribution.

To maintain the quality of projects in Good First Issue, there are criteria for listing a repository:

  • At least three open issues with the good first issue label
  • Detailed setup instructions for the project
  • Actively maintained

Don't forget is your friend.

If you create a pull request, drop a ‘Hi’ in the #good-first-issue channel on our slack workspace.

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