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Reverse engineering a website to make a mobile application

A month ago I bought a card called "Avantages Jeunes" (Junior Advantages), made by my region for people below 30 years old.

It can be used in many shops, restaurants, activities... to get promotions. I discovered that there was a web application to look for advantages.

Card Avantages Jeunes

So I decided to use their API to make me a cleaner mobile application, with more functionalities !

The app concept

All you need is your card: just add your card using your credentials.

In the interface you can view suggested advantages, liked ones, your card, your profile and also open a map that show every advantage around you !

There is also a search function.

The reflexion time

Most of the data I needed can be simply got by calling the web application private API.


So I opened HTTPie (a requester), my browser's developer tools on network tab and started trying to reproduce requests.

The map functionality was a bit more complicated... No endpoint can return advantages based on a geo-position.
But I found an endpoint that return a complete list of all advantages, with their address !

I coded a python script that retrieve all the advantages and found their coordinates based on their address (using Gecoding API) and store them in a MongoDb database.

MongoDB Geospatial

Using MongDb Geospatial 2dsphere index, I have could request database for all the documents which their coordinates field is in a circle of precise center and radius ! MongoDB is so powerful !

The app structure

I used IonicFramework to develop a web based frontend that can be compiled to mobile using a bridge.

The frontend part directly calls the orginal private API except to get advantages around phone's position: it calls a Fastapi server that return advantages in a radius of 1, 5, 10 or 50 kilometers around the position, by using the MongoDb database.


Home page
Home page


Search page
Search Page

You can found this project at camarm-dev/bfc-avantagesjeunes-mobile

And you ? Do you already reverse engineered something ? What was it ?

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