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Remède V1.1.5

Hi and welcome to my blog ! Yesterday, last month I released Remède version 1.1.5.

Remède is the free and open source french dictionary which I created !

It has its own database, downloadable and re-usable by all your projects !

Latest challenges

This version resolves many problems encountered previously with the 1.0.0.
The navigation has been completely rebuilt so It implements correctly the back button on any Android device.
The search has also been improved by creating an index table. It makes the search easier because it is now: case insensitive, accent insensitive and special characters insensitive.

Functionalities changelog

This new version includes breaking changes ! Here there are:

  • New UI/UX on definition page
  • New revised database
  • Desktop applications now available for Windows and Linux !
  • Possibility to choose between light / complete database
  • Resolved bugs around navigation
  • Globally enhanced User Experience
  • Better search experience !


As you can see, I added a landing screen to welcome new users. You can also look at the new UI for definition page.

Welcome page Definition page
Welcome page Definition page

More to come

I don't have so much time to develop Remède at this moment, but this projects have good days to come !

I want desktop application to have their own interface, more adapted to landscape orientation and also running everywhere.
I also want to add a rhymes dictionary which is a functionality I'm working on slowly by my side !

Don't hesitate to leave a star on Github !

Or open an issue...

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Open Source and free alternative to Antidote. A french dictionary.

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Open Source and free alternative to Antidote dictionary.

Open application

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Why Remède ?

Remède is a dictionary, which can replace any proprietary dictionary, with these advantages:

  • Simple UI
  • Nice UX
  • Free
  • Cross-platform
  • Self-hostable
  • Open source
  • Off-line

Table of content

Current: 1.2.0-beta — Brown Sheep

La version 1.2.0, nom de code Brown Sheep inclue les nouvelles fonctionnalités suivantes :

  • Dictionnaire de rimes
  • Téléchargeable sur le Play Store !


Téléchargez les exécutables pour votre plateforme depuis la page releases

Voir les autres méthodes de téléchargement sur notre site.

Play Store SOON: Disponible sur Play Store

Générer les bases de données


La documentation est disponible sur


Home page Word page
homepage word page
Sheets page Settings page
sheets page settings page

Download for android

Thank you for reading and see you for version 1.2.0 !

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