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Top 5 Featured DEV Tag(#docker) Posts from the Past Week

A primer on GCP Compute Instance VMs for dockerized Apps [Tutorial Part 8]

Getting started with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to run Virtual Machines (VMs) and prepare them to run dockerized applications.

This article appeared first on at A...

Understanding Kubernetes: part 48 – Kubernetes 1.27 Changelog

Understanding Kubernetes can be difficult or time-consuming. In order to spread knowledges about Cloud technologies I started to create sketchnotes about Kubernetes. I think it could be a good way,...

My Favorite Courses to Learn Docker and Containers in Depth

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links; I may receive compensation if you purchase products or services from the different links provided in this article.

Hello devs, if you want to learn...

PHP CRUD Rest API with Docker

Let's create a CRUD Rest API in PHP, using:

Laravel (PHP framework)
Composer (PHP package manager)
Postgres (database)
Docker Compose

Mind the similar names!

⚠️ "Composer" is a package...

How to reduce your Docker image size

This is an updated post of a previous post from 2022 about how you can use dive to inspect the contents of an image.

In Docker layer caching for GitHub Actions, we covered using the existing layer...

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Srinivas Kandukuri

Shoutout to all the awesome authors featured this week : @pascallandau , @aurelievache , @javinpaul , @francescoxx , and @kylegalbraith 🙌.

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Francesco Ciulla

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Francesco Ciulla

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