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Roadmap to Blockchain Development

To know how blockchain and web3 are the new internet click here.

In this roadmap to blockchain development, I will be suggesting some of the learning resources as we walk through. Also this article...

Re-entrancy attacks in Ethereum smart contrats

A re-entrancy attack is a type of vulnerability that can occur in smart contracts that allow an attacker to repeatedly call an external contract in a way that consumes all available gas. This can lead...

Smart contracts: audit ‘em all like a security engineer

Don’t let reentrancy and front-running attacks, signature replay, gas issues, sensitive data leakage, deadlocks, and various kinds of vulnerabilities in smart contracts pfaff you around.


How to Build a DAO with Truffle

Since Satoshi Nakomoto introduced Bitcoin and the blockchain in his seminal 2009 whitepaper, the number of innovations brought to life has been staggering. Today, we have cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and...

What I Learned While Building My First Web3 Project

I started building MarrySign, a crypto-marriage app, during the Chainlink Hackathon Fall 2022 because I wanted to give any couple regardless of their gender, location or any other factors, a chance to...

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Srinivas Kandukuri

Awesome articles by authors: @siddharthsing , @_jaleltounsi , @cossacklabs , @alvinslee , @kkomelin , 🙌

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Siddharth Singh Baghel

Thanks for mentioning. @c4r4x35

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Srinivas Kandukuri • Edited

Thanks for the awesome article @siddharthsing keep doing good work