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Beginners’ Guide To Run A Linux Server Securely

Easy steps to Linux Server hardening for Linux newbies

Linux could be a fantastic choice for your next cloud server. Imagine you can benefit from an up-to-date and fully-loaded operating system on a...

DevDiscuss: Passwordless Authentication

image created by Margaux Peltat for the Chilled Cow YouTube channel

Time for #DevDiscuss — right here on DEV 😎

Passwordless authentication for your website in 5 minutes!
Arnaud Dagnelies ・ Jan 13...

SELinux: Beginner's guide

As a developer, a sysadmin, or a hacker, you might want to know a bit more about SELinux.

What is it ? What's the point?

SELinux is a MAC system (Mandatory Access Control) created by the NSA. The...

Kubernetes Security Best Practices For Developers

Today, DevOps and cloud-native methodologies have become standard practices for organizations. As a result, software developers are increasingly looking to take advantage of these newer computing...

Mais do que armazenamento de código: 5 features do GitHub que você não conhece

O Github é a maior comunidade de pessoas desenvolvedoras do mundo, mas quando perguntamos para essas pessoas, o que é GitHub, a maioria delas responde que é uma plataforma de armazenamento de código....

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