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Microfrontends in ReactJS

Microfrontends are an architectural approach to building web applications by breaking them down into smaller, independent, and self-contained units that can be developed, tested, and deployed...

Dark Mode Toggle and prefers-color-scheme

When I wrote An Accessible Dark Mode Toggle in React back in 2021, @grahamthedev suggested I implement a prefers-color-scheme check in my theme setter. I finally got around to it.

What is...

Updating React State Inside Loops

I recently ran into a very nasty little conundrum with React. I found a use-case where I felt it was necessary to update React state variables inside a loop. I initially had no idea how vexing it...

Deep dive into React: State Management Types and its Importance


State management is a key concept in React, a popular JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. The data that changes within a component or application is referred to as its...

How To Use MillionJs In a Next App.


Following a recent announcement by the millionjs creator Aiden Bai about support of Millionjs for Nextjs apps in the newest release of Millionjs (version 2.3.0), this article pretty much...

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Srinivas Kandukuri

Shoutout to all the awesome authors featured this week : @giveitatry , @abbeyperini , @bytebodger , @fortune42 , and @tobysolutions 🙌.