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From Spotify to YouTube: How I Built a Python Script to Convert Playlists

I developed the script to convert the Spotify playlist to YouTube playlist. I am here to share how I done this.

yogeshwaran01 / spotify-playlist-to-youtube-playlist
A simple python script to convert...

How to code a product recommendation engine in PYTHON using ChatGPT?

In today's highly competitive e-commerce landscape, personalized product recommendations are crucial for businesses to attract and retain customers. Machine learning algorithms can help achieve this...

Getting arty with a Pi

This week I built a BrachioGraph (as mentioned in my comment on "What was your win this week?"). It's a simple pen plotter, driven by a Raspberry Pi - or, potentially, another single board computer -...

Python 101 tutorial: Write your first real program

Python is a great general purpose programming language and one of the most popular languages in the world right now. It's widely used in many different fields and industries. Some of the most common...

Python in the browser with Pyscript

What is Pyscript?

Pyscript is a Python library that allows you to write Python code that is executed in the browser. It is based on Brython and Pyodide and can be used to write interactive web pages,...

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Srinivas Kandukuri

Shoutout to all the awesome authors featured this week : @yogeshwaran01 , @giveitatry , @andypiper , @huntereducative , and @varshithvhegde 🙌.

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Varshith V Hegde

Thanks 😁