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Last week top 5 posts tagged(#openai)

Introducing CodeBoost: The AI-Powered Code Completion Extension for Visual Studio Code

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AutoCode AI, now known as CodeBoost, is a cutting-edge code completion extension for Visual Studio Code that uses artificial intelligence to help developers write...

Introducing Rubberduck 1.0: AI Chat in Visual Studio Code

Rubberduck adds a chat interface to Visual Studio Code. You can edit code, get explanations, generate tests, and diagnose errors.

Rubberduck lets you use your own OpenAI API key and call the OpenAI...

Using ChatGPT to generate cover letters

Let’s say you are applying for a job and want to write a cover letter that stands out. ChatGPT could help you there, and here is how:

paste the job description text, including company name and...

How to Detect Text Generated by Artificial Intelligence

A Turing test on Turing tests

TL;DR: A new tool to detect A.I. generated texts.

Text generators and text detectors are like the game of 😾cat and mouse🐁.

🤖Artificial Intelligence tools and...

How to Create your own ChatGPT (ish) in 5 minutes

Most developers are probably aware of that OpenAI provides an API at this point. By intelligently using this API, you can actually "create your own ChatGPT chatbot". Your own private ChatGPT that...

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Srinivas Kandukuri

Shoutout to all the awesome authors featured this week : @codercrux , @lgrammel , @starbist , @mcsee , and @polterguy 🙌.

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Maxi Contieri


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Thomas Hansen

Thx mate :)