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Code brushes for GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is incredible, and if you check what's happening in the preview released as the Copilot Labs extension it will only get more amazing.

Check this out:

Let's start with a basic...

Automated Frontend Workflow

In a world where robots have not yet taken our place, we still have to deal with repetitive tasks. We are constantly trying to find the easiest and laziest way to accomplish something, some people...

Preparing to move away from Twitter

I opened my Twitter account more than 13 years ago, in August 2009. For 12 years, I kept focusing on professional-related content: Java, the JVM, programming, etc. I built my audience, trying to...

20 Git Commands you (probably) didn't know about 🧙‍♂️

If you've ever browsed the git manual (or run man git), then you'll have noticed there's a whole lot more to git than what most of us use on a daily basis. A lot of these commands are incredibly...

The Power of GitHub Actions for Streamlining DevOps Workflows


GitHub Actions is a powerful tool for automating development workflows, and it has quickly become a staple in the DevOps world. With its ability to integrate with various tools and...

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