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Awesome Posts from last week tagged(#security)

Authorize Users Like a Pro: Libraries That Help You Implement Access Control With Node.JS

Implementing security measures in a web application is a less interesting but absolutely critical task. It's not as exciting as building shiny new features. You often don't get much credit from your...

All You Need to Know About FIDO2 & Passwordless Authentication

In this Blog, I'm gonna tell you all about Passwords, current authentication models, and what is wrong with them, along with RSA encryption, trusted computing, and finally FIDO2.


How to steal a website and how to prevent it

OK, this is going to be a quick showcase of how someone proxy-mirrored my website in a way that is very difficult to detect or prevent it. Moreover, I will share some of the helpful advice that was...

WordPress (plugins) compatibility check to prevent fatal errors

How to prevent predictable conflicts between incompatible plugins, themes, WordPress core and PHP versions? Disclaimer: this post and the plugin and test setup are no guarantee to prevent a so-called...

Automatic SSO in Kubernetes workloads using a sidecar container

⚠ This post assumes you have a pretty good knowledge of Kubernetes, Helm, and creating your helm charts by yourself. ⚠

For security reasons, it is quite common the need to protect our workloads in...

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Srinivas Kandukuri

Awesome articles by authors: @zenstack , @rishitashaw , @saashub , @ingosteinke , @gabrielbiasi , 🙌

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Rishita Shaw

Thanks ❤️ hope you enjoyed it