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Our first round of speakers for our free live-streamed GraphQL conference is so good πŸ₯°

signalnerve profile image Kristian Freeman Originally published at ・3 min read

πŸ‘‹ Kristian from Bytesized Code here – super excited to announce the first round of speakers for Byteconf GraphQL, a free live-streamed GraphQL conference, taking place on January 31st, 2020!

Byteconf GraphQL will be a great resource for GraphQL developers of all experience levels, and our speaker list is shaping up to be a really awesome group of developers from around the world 🌍🌎🌏

Real quick, if you haven't heard of Byteconf βœ‹ it's a free developer conference series, live-streamed on YouTube 🍿

Since 2017, four Byteconfs have gone live to people around the world:

πŸ’¬ Byteconf GraphQL will go live on January 31st. While the talks premiere, many of our speakers will join us in the live chat for the conference – it's an awesome twist on the conference format that allows speakers to give more context to their talks, and to allow conference attendees to ask questions directly and immediately to speakers.

Want to attend the conference? Go to our website and RSVP for your free ticket – we'll send you an email when the conference goes live, so you won't miss it.

🎟 RSVP for Byteconf GraphQL β†’

Our first round of Byteconf GraphQL 2020 Speakers

Our first round of speakers are four awesome folks from the web development and GraphQL communities – Eve Porcello, Shruti Kapoor, Nader Dabit, and Domitrius Clark πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

πŸŽ“ Personally, I've been learning from some of these folks for years (!) and I'm thrilled to have them joining the conference! As always, Byteconf GraphQL will also feature a number of first-time speakers, getting started on the journey of sharing all the great stuff they know (hooray!)

⭐️ Are you a GraphQL developer? Want to teach what you know at Byteconf GraphQL? Our Call for Papers is open until Sunday, December 22nd – check out more information about speaking at Byteconf here!

πŸ’Ό By the way, we're also working with companies who are interested in sponsoring the conference! Doing so helps us pay for equipment to ship to speakers, promote the event, and grow our community. If you're interested in getting in front of a large audience of passionate developers, check out our sponsorship prospectus.

Find out more about our first round of speakers below, and make sure to follow them on Twitter 🐦 For more announcements and updates on the conference, make sure to follow our account, @bytesizedcode, as well! We're super excited to hear from you, so make sure to let us know you're attending on Twitter πŸ‘

Eve Porcello (@eveporcello), GraphQL teacher at Moon Highway,, LinkedIn Learning, and author of Learning GraphQL and Learning React at O'Reilly.

Shruti Kapoor (@shrutikapoor08), senior software engineer at PayPal, GraphQL and React developer, speaker.

Nader Dabit (@dabit3), senior developer advocate at AWS Amplify, web and mobile developer, speaker, and author.

Domitrius Clark (@domitriusclark), UI engineer at MachineQ, Reactadelphia organizer, instructor and live coder.

Over the next month as we get closer to the conference, I'll continue to post updates on additional speakers, the talk schedule, and more! Make sure to RSVP for your ticket on our website, and see you at Byteconf GraphQL on January 31st πŸ₯³

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