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Byte Sized Episode 1: Grace Hopper

vaidehijoshi profile image Vaidehi Joshi ・1 min read

Today's episode of Byte Sized is about Grace Hopper's contributions to computer history.

💬 If you know any more Grace Hopper factoids, leave a comment and let the community know!

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For quintessential Grace Hopper:


LOL i love the bit about hanging the wire around programmer's necks, hah!


Ahaha the allegory about the wire length is amazing!

Don't go around wasting microseconds ;)


Grace Hopper is a badass!

It was super fun working on this and I'm really excited for the rest of the episodes!


Great subject for your first ep.

There's a funny bit on the C2 wiki where someone recounted a story she told during one of her talks:

While working on the COBOL project for the Navy, she spoke before the Defense Appropriations Committee. She was requesting $80,000 to support developing a compiler. She presented a snippet of code in three languages: English, French and Russian, attempting to show that the language did not matter to the computer. The congressmen raised an uproar, because: "We don't want our computers speaking Russian."


Grace Hopper also had the best documented bug ever -- this is a page from the operators' journal for the Marc II computer, where she taped down the moth that worked its way inside and caused a short circuit.

Hopper's Journal

It's frequently said she coined the term "bug" and "debugging" based on this event, but that's apparently apocryphal, and the terms were in use prior to this. She was punning on this existing use in her journal.


Yes!!! I love how she found a real, live bug and that's the same phrase we use today :) I wish we could've included even more about her in the video (she did SO MUCH), but we wanted to keep them short and sweet, so we just focused on the compiler!


So excited for this!!!

Admiral Grace is definitely ADMIRable. 😁😁😁




This is so awesome! Amazing presentation can't wait for more :D


Loved this! ❤️

I actually tried to talk about Grace Hopper with my mom and got a bit tongue tied. I'm going to have to just show this video instead. 😀

Side note: loving the sound effects!


YAY! So glad that you're sharing it with her, GRACE IS THE BEST!


I hearted and unicorned this one! Love this!

EDIT: And followed! :-)


Love this format. Great stuff!


This is awesome and I can't wait for the next episode!


Do you had youtube? if had I would love to subscribe :D


They do, youtube.com/channel/UCQjqsJDbo-sLR...,
but the episode is still not up. :( I too prefer to have it pop up in my subscription list.


If there is a way to push notification dev.to post I would love though


Hi, sorry it had been unlisted on YouTube, it's now public! Here's the link: youtube.com/watch?v=E3PjvadIlXE&fe...


Back then, many considered compiling to be a waste of computer time and "real software" was written in machine code. Adm. Hopper definitely saw a better way and fought for it.


"bug" from a Moth found in the Harvard Mk II, Grace Hopper added the caption "First actual case of bug being found..."


Awesome! Thanks for this! I love being educated about the trail blazers of the technology I'm using today! Great work! Keep it up!

Minor criticism: there are points when the camera zooms in her and she's looking slightly off to her right. Probably only effected me, but it gave me some anxiety. Great work though!