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Join us in the quest to train and employ tech entrepreneurs in Africa

Edison Ade
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Codewit Seeks to train, find jobs or seed funding for 50, 000 tech entrepreneurs & developers in the next 10 years.

The world is going through rapid digital transformation, and Africa needs to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. Today, we prefer doing a quick google search, or Wikipedia rather than visiting the local library. The demand for skilled people with high technology quotient is on the rise, but how can we ensure that we provide employers with ready-to-work candidates, those who are qualified to add value to organizations they have been placed?

Research has shown that Disruptive technologies will eliminate almost 50% of jobs in the next 25 years. In today’s world, 15-year-olds will have at least five career changes in their lifetime. According to Dell, 85% of available jobs in 2030 are yet to be invented, presenting enormous opportunities for individuals to elevate, accelerate, and transform their careers.

One of the promising and innovative social enterprises looking to create new jobs, and raise new tech leaders in Africa is Codewit. Codewit is a social enterprise that trains developers and empowers them to create sustainable solutions to problems that benefit their society and country at large.

Its goal is to position the African continent as a leader in the next move of digital disruptions. We have always played catch up with the rest of the world, but it is about time we start to see homegrown solutions making tremendous strides all over the world.

How Codewit intends to make this happen?

  • Provide easy access for people across Africa to access quality education without having to pay with an arm and a leg. It is designed to make it possible for everyone to access world-class technology education at very little or no cost to begin.
  • Provide leading-edge and a robust technology education in Full Stack Web Development, Data Science, Mobile Application development, and UI and UX Design courses that can compete with course content in some of the world’s finest institutions.
  • Practical training structure. 40% of the time for training, and guided by our instructors. 60% of the time participants will be working on projects, and doing actual work.
  • Match graduating students with partner companies looking to hire, and provide seed financing + business support for those who would rather start their own business.
  • Physical classes in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, and Lagos. Online classes from anywhere and at the comfort of the candidate’s home or office.

Read more about what Codewit is doing on their website at
The time has come for Africa to set the pace, it is possible it only we believe and take steps to bringing this to reality.

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