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Draw with CSS

busramemis profile image Büşra Memiş ・1 min read

For a while, I started coding the visuals I encountered on the internet with CSS. I do this through my codepen account. I also collected all the drawings I did in a GitHub repo.

All the work I've done until now:

🔸 Emoji

🔸 Snowman

🔸 Pokemon Ball

🔸 Santa Claus

🔸 Gameboy

🔸 Slot Machine

🔸 Wall-e Eyes

🔸 Groot

🔸 Sweet Home

I created a codepen collection so that you can see all these projects together. You can reach them all by clicking here.

You can also access projects via Github. I created a repo called Draw Exercises.

Discussion (2)

katieadamsdev profile image
Katie Adams

Cool stuff! Very envious.

busramemis profile image
Büşra Memiş Author

Thank you Katie.

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