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Introducing BuildShip

We are the team behind and today we are super excited to launch BuildShip. BuildShip was created with all the feedback we got from the amazing community of no-code/low-code builders using Rowy and months of hard work by the team.

Why did we build BuildShip?

With a new AI model or API launching almost every day, we are seeing a whole new wave of product builders working on ambitious ideas. But the current landscape of no-code backend tools limits them to bring their ideas to life exactly the way they want to. Many no-code tools are not scalable beyond a certain point, lack integration to the latest API or AI model, are expensive, and are inflexible.

So does this mean you have to know how to code and how to use cloud platforms like GCP, AWS, Azure…to be able to launch ambitious AI startups? 🤔

Well, that’s exactly what we want to change with BuildShip. By combining the ease of no-code with the power of code and putting it in the hands of product builders and developers - we want to enable bringing ideas to life fast and exactly the way you imagined.

With BuildShip, you can create powerful APIs, schedule jobs, perform database CRUD operations on any cloud platform, and combine together any AI model - to create any backend workflow effortlessly on a single AI-powered platform. 🪄

Why should you use BuildShip 🛠️:

🔮 AI-Generated Nodes

Choose from hundreds of pre-built nodes to build your workflows. And if anything is missing, don’t wait for us to release an integration! Simply ask AI what you want and it gives you a custom workflow node generated just for you. This will change the way you build your backend!

💪 Combine the power of any AI model

BuildShip offers multimodal AI support, covering text, images, and video! From OpenAI nodes text generation to Vector embedding, generate lifelike videos using Sythesia, custom images using Stable Diffusion, or literally use any AI model from platforms like Replicate, Hugging Face, etc., to build your most powerful ideas by combining them.

📦 Readily use any API or 1M+ NPM packages

You can use any NPM package in the workflow node or ask Ask AI to use an NPM package and generate a node for you.

👩‍💻Code made accessible - anytime you want

BuildShip is not a black box, you can open the code of any node, tweak it any way you want, and make it your own. Use powerful developer tools like logging, version control, a code editor equipped with autocomplete, a lightning-fast debugger similar to localhost, and a secure sandboxing environment.

🚀 One-click deploy

When ready, hit “ship” and get your backend workflow deployed instantly!

🎭 Start fast with templates

We have templates featuring chatbots, music generators, reverse image search using Google Vision API, Vector DB search, HTML to PDF converter, and more!

Whether you're into no-code app builders like FlutterFlow, Webflow, Bubble or diving into frontend frameworks like Next.js, React, Vue, BuildShip has got your back. No more being stuck unable to leverage the latest AI models and tools due to lack of an integration or wrestling with cloud platforms, waiting for never-ending cloud function builds, or doing the DevOps dance. 🚀✨

Give BuildShip a try, especially if you are hitting the limits of your current no-code tools or you are a developer who wants to build ideas fast without having any coding limitations.

Our mission is to help you build your BIGGEST ideas in the simplest of ways. Join the BuildShip community on Discord and chat with other awesome no-code/low-code builders.

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