Programming Idioms

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programming language comparison sites (5 Part Series)

1) RosettaCode - see how other programmers do it 2) PLEAC - another good language comparison site 3) 99 Bottles of Beer and the Wayback Machine 4) Code Codex - an algorithm bank 5) Programming Idioms

Seems there are a lot of programming language comparison sites out there. Here's another one: Programming-Idioms. The site is covered by a Creative Commons license.

Over 30 languages are represented with example algorithms starting with (sigh) Hello World. COBOL currently has 1 entry. I should fix that.

There's a lot of good stuff in there in JavaScript, Scala, Python etc. For example, there's 'Format a Number with Grouped Thousands'.

Complete list of idioms -- almost 200 of them.

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