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HOPL is coming out of hibernation

Bruce Axtens
Programmed Canon Canola calculators in 1977. Assorted platforms and languages ever since. Assisting with I am NOT looking for work -- I've got more than enough to do.
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HOPL (History of Programming Languages) is mostly up again.

We had to move from one database (Access) to another (SQLServer). There are a variety of SQL language defects that need to be discovered and fixed.

Please visit the site and break it (there's a metric buckette-load of breakables.) Breakages are usually marked by the words "Internal error". Please send the full text of the error along with the URL string from the browser address bar.

Send your bug reports directly to us at . Please put "[HOPL] Bug report" in the subject line. Contributor username's along with a count of submissions will be acknowledged on our Facebook presence, HistoryOfProgrammingLanguages.

If you're a language developer, please consider making an acquisition submission to HOPL (link takes you to our acquisition form). We've made the editorial decision not to include esolangs, preferring instead to focus on languages of wider applicability, both implemented and research (e.g. ISWIM.)

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Bruce Axtens Author

Fixed the email address!