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COBOL's 60th birthday

Bruce Axtens
Programmed Canon Canola calculators in 1977. Assorted platforms and languages ever since. Assisting with I am NOT looking for work -- I've got more than enough to do.
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You'd think with all the COBOL advocacy I've been doing, I'd notice, but it slipped past me that this year is COBOL's 60th birthday.

The folk over at MicroFocus however, have been very much on the ball.

See also

  1. Our Government Runs on a 60-Year-Old Coding Language, and Now It’s Falling Apart (I'm assuming they mean the government is falling apart.)
  2. COBOL turns 60: Why it will outlive us all.
  3. How COBOL Still Powers The Global Economy At 60 Years Old .

For those who aren't au fait with COBOL, there's always Wikipedia.

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engmms • Edited

Wow,, I am graduate from 25 years ,,I started coding with C++ ,, I was hearing about COBOL but I was not trying to deal with..but I think it was great Programming language ..and a lot of expert programmers was dealing with it

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