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Localname - Secure Access to Your Local Development Server

At Mobile Jazz, we’re always innovating new utilities which help our clients, and tools such as Bugfender to assist developers around the world. Today, we’d like to introduce you to our latest product, Localname.

What is Localname?

Localname is a native Mac app for developers that creates a single url that grants access to their local development machine.

What Does This Mean?

Oftentimes it can be useful for a developer to show a client the development progress of a project. This can be tricky at times, requiring complex router IP and port configurations.

Localname does the hard work for you, providing a single url that allows your designer, client or project manager to review your progress.

Why Did We Create It?

As a mobile app and web development agency, we find tools that aid collaboration to be incredibly useful, both amongst ourselves and with our clients. Aside from projects reviews, we actually built Localname with a few more use cases in mind:

Mobile App Testing

As Localname provides a secure tunnel to your local development machine, it enables you to easily test your mobile application’s backend from real devices.


Testing webhooks become a lot easier when you can provide a callback url that leads to your development machine.

Remote Debugging

Localname project reviews also double us as a great live debugging sessions whilst on a conference call.

How Does It Work?

Localname is a native macOS application. When opening the application, you’ll be prompted to create a url and Localname will simply do the rest. It will create a secure tunnel to your local development machine, granting access to anyone with the url you created.

Where Can I Get Started?

To download, head to and sign up today.

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