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This workshop will guide you through building an email server, powered with Exim and Dovecot on top of AlmaLinux 9.

The workshop will be divided into parts, and they are:

  • Part 1: Build the email server

    We will build the email server from scratch here.

  • Part 2: Configure email clients

    We will configure email clients to send and receive emails. We will configure Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Microsoft Outlook.

  • Part 3: Configure webmails

    We will configure several webmails. We will install and configure RoundCube.

  • Part 4: Configure spam protection

    We will install and configure SpamAssassin.

  • Part 5: Configure Email Deliverability

    We will configure SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to increase email deliverability.

Some parts require some time to write since I have to work on them in my spare time. But hopefully, I can finish all of them soon.

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