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UX'ing that Copy and Paste

Following up on our previous post detailing how we do word clean up, let's look deeper into the different considerations involved with a simple copy and paste in our editor HAX.

HAX considerations

These are some special goals / considerations we go through for copy and paste operations.

  • User can copy & paste from anywhere
  • User expectation is to copy rich HTML structure and obtain similar
  • User doesn't want to be touching code / cleaning up styles, classes, etc
  • HAX wants to manage accurate structure yet HIGHLY cleaned, professional code

Where we are

Because of the workflow involved this is a bit easier to see in action so I can discuss the different considerations and how they play out in the DOM. Check out this video stepping through the code found in this link.

Where we need to be

We still haven't gotten undo/redo history alignment down. Need to be able to do:

  • Insert HAX capable video-player via drag and drop
  • Insert URL and convert to video-player
  • Edit a paragraph and type fluidly without knowing a p tag powers it
  • Copy and paste from anywhere to anywhere
  • Undo and redo these operations with 100% accuracy

Ideas and discussion VERY welcome for how to do that undo/redo business. I'm very much mentally shot from school at home life and struggle to think deeply enough as to how to tackle that one right now. We'll figure it out some day, and then I'll write about it and do another video though :).

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