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The best AI tools for running your own blog

The latest trend in AI tools of different kinds (GPT especially) is all over the internet. I believe that using AI tools wisely can help you improve your blog, grow your audience, and save a lot of time.

Important thing to note! Here, I will refer to the AI tools exclusively as instruments for optimizing your work, not as tools that will generate entire content for you, including full articles. Although such AI tools as ChatGPT can write almost anything you want for you in just a few seconds, I encourage my readers to be creative and write their blog posts by themselves.

AI tools can be useful for blogging in the following ways:

1. As search engines
When we start to write an article or post, we usually start by discovering the topic under consideration. This means that we need to find some resources to dive into the topic and then be able to write about it. The simplest way is to use Google, but there are lots of side sources that may not even be related to the topic you need. That’s where AI can be helpful; you can use a concrete question to narrow your search in just a few seconds!

2. As topic generators
If you are an experienced blogger or just a beginner, you probably face the problem of finding interesting and relevant topics to write about. To do so, you can do a full research: look for trending topics on different platforms like, geeksforgeeks, hashnode, etc. But it can take a while, and while you are looking, the topic can change. For simplifying the topic generation process, you can use AI, which can help you find the topic you need.

3. Grammar checking and paraphrasing
Everyone makes mistakes. That’s the ground rule for everyone, and that’s okay! When you write an article and have a lot of inspiration, you probably will make some mistakes. But any author wants his work to be a masterpiece; in that case, AI grammar tools are extremely helpful, as are paraphrasing tools. We are not always able to formulate our thoughts in the right way, and this is why such tools are helpful.

And finally, the greatest advantage of using AI tools for blogging is time-saving. This unites all three aforementioned ways. When you run your blog, you (presumably) create your content on a regular basis, and this takes the majority of your time. With the help of AI tools, you can ease your work and save time for more important things (in terms of blogging, obviously), e.g., you can write more posts and articles, create more beautiful pictures for them, or any other additional materials that will make your blog even better!

Below, I listed the AI tools that I find the most helpful:

I guess it is not a surprise that ChatGPT is the first AI tool on my list. Despite the fact that there were a lot of scandals around this AI and most popular blogging platforms (including already implemented special rules for using AI tools in content creation, I still think that if you use it accurately, it is very helpful.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that was trained on an innovative system and is able to maintain a conversation with users. This chatbot is able to generate comprehensive responses on various topics, such as art, technology, politics, religion, nature, medicine, etc. There are some limitations, of course; for example, this chatbot is unable to generate responses to personal questions. But in general, this is a great tool for blog writing due to its accessibility (it’s free and supports multiple languages) and simplicity (all communication with the bot is in the form of simple chat).

This AI tool is especially loved by proofreaders and content editors. Grammarly is one of the most well-known AI writing tools. It is popular because it is simple and easy to use. It will highlight any typos or grammar errors, make suggestions, and even provide feedback on the clarity, engagement, and delivery of your content.

You can access its AI proofreader within your emails, WordPress editor, documents, and more by using the Grammarly app interface or installing the browser extension. The online writing assistant is available for free. Grammarly, on the other hand, has premium plans starting at $12 per month. Paid plans include advanced features like a plagiarism checker.

The great multifunctional AI for blogging is Jasper. It has a powerful markup language that allows you to easily customize the content to meet the needs of the user. The advanced natural language processing technology used by Jasper ensures text accuracy, consistency, and readability.

It includes a plethora of writing tools that can assist you in creating almost anything. Among its features are: content summarizer, blog post outline, content improver, listicle, paragraph generator, SEO descriptions, tone detector, perfect headline, etc. This tool has a 5-day free trial for 10,000 words and two paid options: boss mode and $49/month for 50,000 words, and up to $500/month for 700,000 words.

This is one of the most multifunctional AI tools I have ever seen. The variety of functions that Writesonic offers is incredible! Among its features are:

  • ChatSonic (like ChatGPT);
  • Article writer;
  • Make your own AI;
  • Blog titles;
  • Paragraph writer;
  • Article ideas;
  • Article outlines;
  • Ads and marketing tools (Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ad titles, etc.);
  • Text extender;
  • E-commerce tools (product descriptions, features, titles);
  • Social media content making (Twitter thread generator, content plan, Instagram captions, etc.);
  • Landing pages for websites;
  • Call for action for websites.

That’s just a small part of all the features available with Writesonic. This is a truly amazing and comprehensive AI tool that can help you with everything. This tool has a free trial where 10,000 words are available for 1 month and premium subscription plans with pricing starting at $13 for 60,000 words/month.

The final AI on my list is used mostly for creating and optimizing SEO-focused content. It creates content briefs and blog articles while also optimizing them for keywords.

This AI content writer tool, in particular, is an excellent choice if you work with a large team. It includes collaboration features such as the ability to share editable links and create project folders.

Frase provides a free trial. After that, a premium upgrade will set you back $44.99 per month.

As a conclusion, I’d like to point out that any AI that you use in your blog must be considered as a support and help for your creativity and efforts, but not as a substitute:)

I hope this content will be useful for your future blog posts!

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