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Design Critiques: @pixmy portfolio website design

brob profile image Bryan Robinson Updated on ・1 min read

This is the first in what I hope to make a weekly series of doing design reviews for folks who are looking for feedback.

In this series, I'll tackle one website, project, or app per video and post them here as well as on YouTube. I took some inspiration for this from James Q. Quick on YouTube doing Code Reviews. If you're interested in that idea as well, definitely check it out here.

In this video, I take a look at @pixmy 's portfolio and provide a few actionable items to address to add some polish to what is a great looking site! You can see the site for yourself here: https://codepen.io/Pixmy/full/XeqvNm

pixmy image

Would you like a design or code review?

I've started a site off of the DEV platform to collect requests for code, design and resume reviews. I'm partnering with my friend James Q. Quick. He'll provide amazing code reviews (like this one), I'll provide design critiques and we'll both take a look at resumés submitted.

Go over to PeerReviews.dev to request a review!

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Bryan Robinson


I'm a designer, developer, lover of static sites and CSS


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Welp, this site has way more design than the one I gave you to work with!


I'm in the same boat if it makes you feel any better 🤣


I liked your site a lot. Plus, I get to talk about one of my favorite design topics in the video: Visual Hierarchy!

It'll come out next Thursday. I'm excited for you to see it!

Oh awesome!

I'm excited to see it! Thanks again man, such a cool idea!


Your's was fun to critique! Lots of good stuff AND I get to show off one of my favorite design tools in the video!

... Now we have to wait 3 weeks :(


Hahaha, by then I'll have forgotten about it! Perfect :D


Thank you so much!
I liked your review on my portfolio, great feedback and I truly going to take in consideration all of your recommendations.

Looking forward for your next Critiques