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Top 7 Trusted Places to Learn SEO Tactics

When it comes to studying Internet marketing, you want to learn from sources that you can trust. Finding reliable training on search engine optimization (SEO) is no different. That's why I've put together this list of the Top 7 Trusted Places to Learn SEO Tactics. Every one of the sources listed below comes from someone I know, someone I use or someone that I trust. You can trust the following sources to give sound and up to date information in the SEO field.


Here Are the Top 7 Trusted Places to Learn SEO Tactics


1. Yoast Is First For A Reason

I have learned most of my SEO tactics from Yoast. You could say, I trust them the most. Many bloggers use WordPress (WP) as their website platform, and Yoast has a FREE plugin (a WP app) that teaches SEO without having to take a course. The Yoast SEO extension on WordPress acts almost like a game or test. The app challenges you to get a better SEO score on your blog posts and pages, suggesting what changes you need to make to improve your score. As you work to improve your score, you will naturally learn some useful SEO tactics.

Although Yoast has a free plugin on WordPress, they also offer a paid version. In addition, Yoast has an online academy that offers courses that can teach you vital SEO skills. Unfortunately, the academy does not offer online certificates however, there are other resources for these degrees if you are interested in SEO, but the information will still be invaluable.


2. Forbes Writer John Steimle Recommends MOZ

While I've never used MOZ, they come highly recommended by a name you can trust, Forbes. Forbes writer John Steimle owned his own SEO company for 15 years. And he claims, "There's no better resource I've found as a starting place to learn SEO than The Beginner's Guide to SEO from MOZ." And even better, it's a free resource.


3. CoSchedule Is A Name to Use and Trust

CoSchedule offers some amazing FREE tools for blogging. I use their FREE Headline Analyzer and Email Subject tools on a regular basis. CoSchedule puts out so many quality free resources that I sometimes forget that they charge for anything. CoSchedule also offers some helpful FREE tips and tactics for SEO, and they are tips you can trust. You can download CoShedule's 34 Important SEO Tips You Need To Know (+ Free Kit) here.


4. HubSpot Is Another Trusted Name for SEO

HubSpot is mostly recognized for their FREE forever CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) and excellent marketing advice. However, they also offer a valuable SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth.


Last time I checked, they were offering the course for FREE. But since things are in constant flux on the Internet, don't be surprised if they start charging customers for the course.


5. Michael Hyatt Recommends WP Beginner's SEO Training

Michael Hyatt is a highly acclaimed leader and mentor in the online business world and author of several best selling titles, including Platform: How to Get Noticed in a Noisy World. He is the person who first introduced me to WPBeginner, giving them a double dose of the trust factor as I have received great value from both WPBeginner and Michael Hyatt.


Since many sites operate on the WordPress platform, you will glean valuable information from Syed Balkhi, owner of WPBeginner, and his SEO tips for WordPress. WPBeginner is adept at adding value and explaining technical details of the WordPress experience in language and pictures that even a beginner can comprehend.


As a blogger, I've learned many technical blogging secrets and tips from WPBeginner. Here you can access the Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step) as a FREE resource from WPBeginner.


You also could do well to advance your understanding of platforms like WordPress, and SEO tactics by obtaining a degree in business. It can be hard to go back to school but many institutions offer online degrees. Which are much more flexible.

6. Copywriting GURU Ray Edwards Offers A Podcasting SEO Cheat Sheet

I have met Ray Edwards personally and can attest to his Internet and marketing savvy. Of course, his specialty is copywriting. However, he also runs a successful podcast called The Ray Edwards Show. In episode 296, Edwards interviews Daniel J. Lewis of "The Audacity to Podcast." There Lewis explains how SEO influences podcasting.


Yes, SEO is necessary for podcasting as well as websites.


Lewis has put together a podcast SEO cheat sheet where you can learn what it takes to make a podcast findable in iTunes (Apple) Podcasts, Google Play (Android), Stitcher and other podcast venues. As an added benefit, if you are a friend of Ray, you can download the cheat sheet here for FREE. And since I am his friend, then you are his friend too. Enjoy.


7. Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income (SPI) Recommends Vudu Marketing.

Don't let the name Vudu scare you. There is nothing mystical about it. But Pat Flynn at SPI recommends Vudu Marketing in a podcast interview (Episode 261) with Vudu Marketing CEO Sam McRoberts.


Vudu marketing offers three helpful SEO services:


  • Audits
  • Strategy
  • Consulting

Though Vudu Marketing charges for their services, they have some free offerings also. If you want to access FREE SEO tips and tactics from Vudu Marketing, you can visit Vudu's SEO blog here.


A Quick Summary of SEO Resources (with Links)

Above you have the Top 7 Trusted Places to Learn SEO Tactics. Search engine optimization is vital to any online business that relies on organic search for traffic.

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