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How to Choose Which Mediums to Start Your Social Media Endeavor


Launching a new social media endeavor is a great way to build an online presence while maximizing your online reach and the amount of exposure you are able to receive. With the right social media platform campaign strategy, appeal to your target audience while solidifying a place for your business, brand, or name in the industry of your choice. Selecting the right mediums to start your social media endeavor greatly depends on your endeavor's purpose, audience, and the future you envision for yourself.


Define the Purpose of Your Endeavor


Before choosing which social media platforms are right for you, define the purpose of your endeavor or online venture. Are you looking for a social media platform to help with building an online community or are you interested in attracting followers who have a genuine interest in supporting you and making purchases from you? How do you prefer to communicate with your audience? Are you planning to focus on text-based updated or are you interested in using video media and live recordings of yourself to share and spread your message? Defining a purpose for your endeavor is the first step to take when taking an idea or venture you have in mind online.


Compare the Benefits That Each Platform Offers


Not all social media platforms operate in the same manner or appeal to similar audiences. Before choosing which mediums are right for you, compare the benefits, features, and advantages of today's top social media networks. Some of the most popular platforms available include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Before choosing which social media platform is best for your venture, compare the benefits that each has to offer:


  • Facebook: Access to millions of potential followers. Faceboook Ads provides in-depth insight into the audience you want to reach while delivering a comprehensive analysis with each campaign you launch. Utilize photos and video media to captivate your audience. Create sponsored and promoted posts. Communicate directly with followers using your official Facebook page. Cross-promote content with multiple pages.


  • Instagram: Hone in on users who prefer photo and video-based media. Implement hashtags that are most relevant to your brand. Reach a younger audience than with the use of Facebook.


  • Snapchat: Optimal for ongoing conversation with your audience(often skewed younger in age). Temporary posts. Create a sense of community with live videos and stories that showcase your brand, products, or the ideas you want to promote.


  • Pinterest: Reach users who are interested in learning. Share tips, tricks, and tutorials with appropriate hashtags. Gain a following from other users who are willing to "pin" and share your content using their own Pinterest accounts.


Are Ads Important to You?


When you are planning an upcoming social media endeavor, consider the importance of a strong ad campaign strategy and whether or not it is important to you for your business, brand, or the idea you want to promote. Not all social media platforms are created equal when it comes to launching online ad campaigns that are effective and appealing. Depending on your audience, different platforms are more useful than others.


The most popular social media platform that is well-known for the campaigns it allows users to launch is Facebook. Facebook Ads provides you with the ability to lanch targeted campaigns that are specific, thorough, and extremely affordable. Whether you are looking to spend $20 or more than $10,000 on one advertisement, Facebook Ads has the ability to accomodate your needs. Use Facebook Ads to hone in on your target audience and the demographic you want to reach. Target users based on their age, gender, location, and even specific interests that are most relevant to your brand or the endeavor you are working on. With Facebook Ads' intricate features and ability to customize your campaigns, maximize your online strategy efforts without overspending any budget you have set in place.




Creating a sense of community and communicating openly with an audience is a key element of success for online businesses and brands. Select social media platforms that provide you with the most opportunity to build a positive rapport with your followers and those who have an interest in learning more. Is it important to you to share updates with your audience immediately or do you prefer a text and image-based post that is pinned on your page? How does your audience communicate with you and how do you respond? Do you sell products and services that sometimes encourage feedback such as reviews or commentary? Consider the best method of reaching your audience with your voice while choosing the mediums that are ideal for you.


Best Options to Boost Your Online Reputation


Online reputation management is essential for all businesses and brands alike. Whether you are working with Le-Vel Thrive or if you simply have a blog to share your personal thoughts and opinions on subjects you enjoy, online reputation management matters. Choose a social media platform that provides you with more control over how you present yourself and the page you represent when your intention is to improve your online reputation.


Platforms such as Facebook allow you to update photos while crafting a branded page to represent the business or idea you have in mind. However, social media platforms such as Snapchat are not ideal when you want to build a professional reputation as the content is temporary and can be saved by other users even if you have made a mistake in what you have sent. Knowing when to use which social media platform is imperative to avoid social media flubs and mistakes that can lead to negative press and the tarnishing of your current online reputation.


Understanding the basics of working with social media is essential when you have plans to move forward with a new online endeavor or venture. Choosing the right social media platforms for your business, brand, or website is a way for you to appeal to as many prospective followers or customers as possible without wasting time or missing out on new potential opportunities.


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