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Where are you Mexicans?

Brenda Limón on November 03, 2018

Happy Día de Muertos to everybody! Today in Mexico we celebrate those who are no longer with us come to say hi and eat their favorite meals. It’s... [Read Full]
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Acá andamos ! Desde la ciudad de México. Saludos


Make me some good mexican food and I'm there lol jk jk. I'd love to come visit Mexico. I've only been to Tijuana a couple of times and that doesn't count.



Vivo en USA. Cuenten conmigo para lo se les ofrezca.


Manden mensajes en privado 🙂


Hello there! In Queretaro, I've not seen many of us actually!


You should come to Mexico City one time so we can all have a meetup :D

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