Where are you Mexicans?

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Happy Día de Muertos to everybody! Today in Mexico we celebrate those who are no longer with us come to say hi and eat their favorite meals.

It’s a beautiful tradition that we have here and I was wondering if there’s a lot of Mexicans in the DEV community. I think it would be awesome to know each other and have a meetup or something to talk about technology and the DEV environment like friends.
I don’t know, just an idea, so everyone who’s living in Mexico raise your hand! (Or today your death’s bread) and say if you would like to have a group on DEV.to and organize a meetup!

¡Vamos por una chela y a hablar de la vida como devs!


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Make me some good mexican food and I'm there lol jk jk. I'd love to come visit Mexico. I've only been to Tijuana a couple of times and that doesn't count.



Vivo en USA. Cuenten conmigo para lo se les ofrezca.


Manden mensajes en privado 🙂


Hello there! In Queretaro, I've not seen many of us actually!


You should come to Mexico City one time so we can all have a meetup :D

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