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brendalimon profile image Brenda Limón ・1 min read

Hello there! I'm Brenda, and I need your help.

I want to know more about the dev world, launches, updates, founders, startups etc. but, I don't have one source that can give me all the information, like a newspaper for devs, maybe I haven't searched enough, or it doesn't exist in the way that I like to get information, in a dynamic, interesting way.

Maybe you have that site where I can get what I want, some podcast, blog, vlog, where I can find that information, and also, if you are in the same situation as me, tell me how would you like to get the information, by subscription on your mail, podcast, videos, because I want to bring that information in my language, Spanish. Well I'm Mexican, and most of the relevant information is in English, so I want to bring an alternative, but I need to know what's actually working right now, like dev.to, or Software Engineering Daily etc.

So, comment how do you get informed, how would you like to get the information, and also if you want, one new, short, long, that you think it's important to know.

Love you, thanks, and husky love! 😘👩🏻‍💻

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I'm Brenda! A frontend developer. 👩🏻‍💻 I'm From Mexico 🇲🇽 ❤️videogames ❤️writing ❤️code ❤️mexican food ❤️dogs


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I use Twitter/Facebook (following blogs or specific evangelist as example) combined with my personal RSS feed with also subreddit on topics where I am interested.

For podcast I usually avoid them because for me work while listening can create confusion. I am also working to do a podcast in Italian about open source updates from all over the world.

Yo habla un poco de espanol para entiendo tu problema con el inglés en todas partes online.


Thanks Daniele! I use twitter too to get informed, and also podcast can be an awesome tool at the right time of the day, I love podcast when I'm driving or going somewhere. If you make your podcast let me know I would like to listen to it and I can also practice my Italian.

Io parlo un po ' di italiano, ho studiato per 4 anni, ma come sempre, è migliore parlare con altre persone, voglio ascoltare il tuo podcast e grazie per la tua aiuta 😉


I work remotely so I don't drive to office and in case when I travel I prefer to listen music and read a book.

My suggestions is check at conference for cool people to follow or also check on reddit because sometimes you can find interesting gems.

Yo hacer prueba de podcast hace unos meses, espero empezar a hacerlo en serio youtube.com/watch?v=kPZuc0iKmVs


Hi Brenda, I don't think there's a single place for everything also because everything is definitely too much for a single container, but there are aggregators.

You can find pretty much a summary newsletter for every technology (Ruby Weekly and those like it), TechCrunch despite its ups and downs is a good source for knowing what's going on in Silicon Valley, other startup hubs have regional websites (like rudebaguette.com/ for France or startupitalia.eu/ for Italy).

If I wanted to do that in my native language I would start by building a following with a newsletter. You scour local and international source of news and you pick the most interesting and translate them in Spanish and then blast it all over Spanish-speaking Twitter :D

Personally I don't have the time to follow everything so I favor newsletters, a blog here and there and dev.to/latest

Buena suerte para tu nueva aventura! (that's about all the Spanish I know unfortunately :D)


That's all the spanish you need to make me feel awesome :D thanks a lot Rhymes and I'll take your advice! as you wrote, it's difficult to have everything on one source, but we can start with one thing at a time.

Gracias por tu apoyo! (Thanks for your support!) 🤗


The weirdest thing is that I understand a bit of Spanish being Italian. I also digested two Spanish TV shows but them with duolingo are not enough 🤣 I just need to actually study it...

For example:

Gracias por tu apoyo! (Thanks for your support!)

In Italian it would be: grazie per il tuo appoggio. Non that different in this case


Ok, here's an idea. There's a cool thing started a few years ago called OpenTechCalendar. It currently only has entries for places in the UK, but it's all open and you can add anywhere you like - or you could host it yourself if you wanted to make a Spanish version, it's all open software.

See their twitter or an example of their listings