3 awesome open-source iconsets! 🧰

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been creating a list of my favorite open-source icons. They’ve really expanded my thinking on different styles and trends in the design world. Let’s get started!


CSS.gg is a minimalist library with over 700+ icons for CSS, SVG, Figma, Adobe XD, and more! CSS.gg also was created by @astrit


With over 6000+ stars on Github, this open-source project is no joke. Each icon is very precise and detailed.

I’ve used CSS.gg for a project in the past and it worked very well. Easy-to-setup, lightweight, and customizable. All very important features I look for.


Yep, I’m assuming you saw this one coming. With the huge library of icons and styles, this tool has taken web designers by storm. ⚡


With icons for every occasion, you’ll be set. 👍

You can either go with the free plan or purchase the pro membership which includes:
-6000+ more icons

  • More styles and brand choices
  • Pro licenses
  • And much more! I’m also pretty hyped 💪 for FontAwesome right now because version 6 is soon to release! I can’t wait to use their new styles which have a thinner and more modern feel.


Some have heard of it, some haven’t. The point is that you’ve now heard of it!

Heroicons.dev is another magnificent open-source icon toolkit with a very modern style.


To be honest, I recently found this while browsing Indiehackers…

…and boy am I glad I did!

Heroicons has a very clean and unique style to it that makes any design feel fresh. I love that. It also has a solid and regular style just like FontAwesome which is pretty cool. I am planning to use this in BuildFaster’s website very soon.

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Thank you very much for including CSS.GG on this list.
I am glad you liked it 😃 😄 😀


Your welcome! Awesome work :)


Could you add some links to the article please?

Heroicons is at heroicons.dev/ and I ended up at heroicons.com - which you have to pay for.



Yeah no problem Adrian! Just updated them now. 👍