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Discussion on: Tips for a more productive working from home practice

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Brandon Hopen

Do you use anything to manage all your applications (Slack, Whatsapp, Discord)? E.g. a web wrapper, or do you use some tool to view all of your conversations in one panel?

I've been looking into different ways to manage all of my notifications, particularly if I'm working and then get notified about a change.

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Well, i use every communication App for different purposes.

  • Slack is for dev teammates (including CTO, project manager and so, also people who organize other departments, and designers).
  • Hangouts is for user support department those who talk with clients and generate issues. Those issues are opened as support ticket inside an internal app, so hangouts is only for asking more information about an issue or to tell them how to solve it by their own.
  • WhatsApp web is for personal use (if someone have to tell me something -i.e. family mainly, they know they must not call me, instead sending me a whatsapp message and i'll read it when i'm available).
  • We use Discord only when working from home to emulate same "code and laugh" feeling we have working in the office, we don't use discord at the office because.. well, we've together on the same place.

Keeping that in mind, and pointing that i've ALWAYS my computer in "do not disturb" mode, I've only Slack and Hangouts on a screen, always visible, as they are the official communication sources i need to work.

If I've time, for example waiting something to compile/deploy i can take a look at whatsapp (or telegram, Dev, stack overflow, reddit, twitter...) but i don't like to waste my time while working (as the company pays for 7hours 40minutes of my services a day and i like to work this or more, but not less).

Long story short, that's how I manage my notifications, ignoring the sources of 80% of them, taking an eye on the important ones :)