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A Complete C# for Beginners Tutorial Series

For the last several months, I have been working on developing a C# for Beginners tutorial series. The aim of this series is to help you learn the basics of C# programming. It is a free 29-lesson series that includes code snippets and examples. I am also teaching through this series locally here in Senegal, so feedback is welcome! Here are the tutorials:

C# for Beginners

Chapter 1: Introduction to Visual Studio

  1. Set Up Visual Studio for C#
  2. Write your First C# Program
  3. Breakpoints and Conditional Breakpoints

Chapter 2: Fundamentals of C#

  1. Data Types and Variables
  2. if… else if… Conditional Statements
  3. Working with Arrays
  4. Understanding Classes and Methods

Chapter 3: Loops in C#

  1. Use a For Loop
  2. Exit a For Loop
  3. Increment a For Loop by 2
  4. Foreach Loop
  5. While Loops and Do While Loops

Chapter 4: C# String Manipulation

  1. Get User Input with Console.ReadLine()
  2. String Interpolation vs Composite Formatting
  3. Reverse a String
  4. Remove Whitespace

Chapter 5: Intermediate C#

  1. Ternary Conditional Operator ?:
  2. DateTime and TimeSpan Objects
  3. Create a Menu in C# Console Application
  4. Overloading Class Constructors
  5. Using Enumerations

Chapter 6: File I/O

  1. Write to a Text File
  2. Write to a File Asynchronously
  3. Read a Text File
  4. Read Specific Line Number

Chapter 7: Collections and LINQ

  1. Introducing Collections
  2. Sorting and Lambda Expressions
  3. Filtering and Chaining
  4. ForEach with Lists

What's Next?

The last couple tutorials in this series will be published in the coming weeks, so what's next? I will continue writing C# tutorials, but they will gradually shift to more advanced topics. Right now, I have articles planned for writing class libraries, working with delegates, event-driven programming, unit testing, etc.. After finishing that series, I hope to begin publishing practical tutorials on WPF, ASP.NET, and perhaps even Xamarin development - as time permits.


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Jason C. McDonald

Posts here on should contain actual substantial content, not just be intended to promote another external work. From the Terms of Use:

Users must make a good-faith effort to share content that is...not designed primarily for the purposes of promotion or creating backlinks. Additionally, posts must contain substantial content — they may not merely reference an external link that contains the full post.

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Thank you.

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Bradley Wells

I have decided there is still more C# for Beginners material yet to be taught. I will be adding another important chapter to this tutorial over the next several weeks. Stay tuned to learn about Collections and LINQ.

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Anirudha Pimpale

can you please fix chapter 5 hyperlink?

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Bradley Wells

Good find. Thank you so much! It should be fixed, now