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Blazor PWAs are awesome!

bradwellsb profile image Bradley Wells ・1 min read

I recently wrote about a Blazor WebAssembly app I developed. Yesterday, in a matter of minutes, I made that web app a Progressive Web App (PWA). It can be installed on desktop and mobile, it works offline, and it is treated like a first-class citizen.

Here's the code:

GitHub logo bradwellsb / blazor-fire-calculators

FIRE calculator PWA created using Blazor WebAssembly and C#

Here's the demo and installable PWA:

And here's one tool that made the process easy:

GitHub logo SQL-MisterMagoo / Blazor.PWA.MSBuild

An MSBuild package which adds simple PWA functionality to Blazor client-side Apps

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Bradley Wells Author

I wrote an article about how I customized it here: