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In-Demand Database Administrator Skills You Need To Get Hired In 2022

The Database Administrator (DBA), as the name suggests, operates and administers the database. The technical skills required by a DBA are SQL, scripting, database performance tuning, and system and network design. A DBA also handles the backup and recovery of databases. This job is critical as a business function properly only when the database is stored and managed well.

Listing a few tasks a Database Administrator is involved in:
Database designing as per end-user requirements.

  • Providing (or revoking) rights to or from database end-users.
  • Enabling efficient data backup and data recovery mechanisms.
  • Database-related training to end-users.
  • Ensuring data privacy and security.
  • Managing data integrity for end-users.
  • Monitoring the performances of the database.

The proper functioning of databases is solely the responsibility of a DBA. If at any point in time the database functioning fails, the DBA should be able to quickly and efficiently manage data recovery mechanisms to recover the functioning of data.

Thorough knowledge of SQL and related scripting languages makes a DBA well-tuned manage any database queries that need to be handled by various end-users of a database.

Hope this was helpful.

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