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What is Digital transformation strategy?

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Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation is the latest buzz, and people just can’t seem to get enough of it. But this digital transformation economy is here to stay. As businesses move online, a digital transformation strategy is your best bet to survive and get ahead of the competition.

An interesting study shows that 70% of digital transformation efforts and initiatives do not reach their goal. How is it possible?

The radical problem arises not while implementation, but even before that – during the initial phase of planning the digital transformation strategy roadmap.

If you fail to address this flaw, your digital transformation scope becomes limited to the ideas you have in your mind. With improper planning, you’ll lack flexibility, which will bring your strategy to a standstill.

Digital Transformation Strategy: 3 key elements you need to consider

Digital Transformation is more than moving your infrastructure to the cloud and building a remote team. It is about reimagining the entire operational structure of your organization.

There are 3 key elements which play a crucial role in building a successful digital transformation strategy framework.

Rethinking organizational culture

  • The first element that digital transformation consultancies suggest is “Organizational Culture”. A digital business transformation strategy will challenge your conventional processes and legacy systems.

  • You should bring synergy in the organization towards achieving the digital transformation goal. Before beginning the planning phase, it would help if you drive a culture of change, learning, and innovation.

  • It entails that you welcome the ideas from your employees on how they can adapt to the change. While you want to transform your culture, it is a gradual process, which will happen when employees lead themselves to make the digital transformation strategy work.

Focusing on customer experience

  • The second element is “customer experience”. Your digital transformation efforts must focus on serving your customers first and then your organization.

  • In the digital age, user experience and customer engagement are two things that drive the most sales. Your primary focus should be to streamline your digital transformation strategy framework such that it offers the maximum value to your customers.

  • More than anything, you need to provide a connected customer experience by exploring the digital transformation scope in both online and offline delivery channels.

Integrating technology

  • The third and the last key element of your digital transformation strategy should be “technology”. Without the proper tech, you will not become a part of the digital transformation economy.

  • It is important to identify and integrate the right technology. Digital Transformation experts suggest that you shouldn’t keep adding innovative tech just because you can. It is more of a burden than an efficient implementation.

  • What that means is that if you need a web application for your digital strategy and transformation, there’s no need to add RPA if it isn’t going to maximize your efficiency and value delivery.

Digital Transformation Strategy Steps: How it works

When you clearly understand the crucial elements of a digital transformation strategy framework, you are ready for its implementation. These 3 key elements provide a structure that will support your entire digital transformation efforts.

If you want a 7 step framework for ENTERPRISE-WIDE Digital Transformation, Read this blog.

Here’s how you can successfully become digital transformation experts in your industry and drive it by storm:-

Strategize and determine objectives

  • The first step is to analyze your existing processes and develop a digital transformation strategy roadmap to achieve your goals. Cut down your goals into objectives that each digital transformation initiative will aim to fulfil.

  • It is important to identify the steps you would be taking to optimize each process, transform your business model, and align your organization with your digital transformation efforts.

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