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Why is it important to orchestrate your automation built in Python or other programming languages?

RPA automation projects have several stages. We must care for each of them to ensure maximum assertiveness and successful delivery, from defining and mapping processes through development to orchestration and management, monitoring executions, taking care of the support part, and monitoring what is happening. We will start a series of weekly articles explaining and focusing on orchestration and how you can do it step by step for every need.

Is it possible to orchestrate automation built by code?

Yes. The BotCity Maestro Orchestrator is a tool that helps you orchestrate your automation, regardless of the language or technology used, either using the interface or interacting with the API.

Through BotCity Maestro Orchestrator, you can define which technologies you are using in your bot at the time of deployment or use our Command technology, through which you can enter a command that will activate your robot even if someone built it in a programming language.

Follow our documentation and the next articles in this series to understand how to do each orchestration step according to your project’s needs.

Why is it important to orchestrate RPA automation?

Keeping track of how your automations are working, especially when there are several executions, can help you monitor them. Not just by guaranteeing whether or not they have been carried out. But also making it possible to understand possible errors, when each robot should execute, in what sequence, etc.

Orchestrating makes day-to-day life easier, allows you to act on potential problems, and can help your team improve automated processes.

As well as running our robots, you need to:

  • Deploy your automation in execution environments;
  • Schedule the execution of your automation;
  • Manage tasks in queues according to their priority;
  • Monitor the status of tasks;
  • Monitor executions in real-time, following execution logs;
  • Trigger alerts and notifications when necessary;
  • Handle errors as quickly as possible;
  • Having a credentials vault that facilitates the execution of specific process steps that require authentication in different systems;
  • Audit and ensure the governance of the processes.

We must go far beyond “it worked” or “it went wrong, now what do I do?”. Management can help ensure a scalable and centralized operation, coordinating workflow more efficiently and safely.

Who is the automation orchestration process important for?

Orchestration can involve the business or product area and the IT team (specifically the RPA center of excellence), whether they operate, consume, analyze processes, or develop automation. Managing executions is essential for several areas in the company, not least because all the information we discussed in the previous question needs to be attainable and easy to find.

How to orchestrate using BotCity Maestro Orchestrator?

You can follow the next articles here on our blog. Every week, we’ll show you how to use each one of the features. Create a free account and test the orchestrator. But you can also check out our documentation, look for support in our community, or ask questions in the forum.

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