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Write With Me (Day 3)

Today is day 3 of the writing daily challenge. I'm proud of myself for doing this three days in a row. Even if I don't write any more this challenge has taken me further than any other challenge I've cast upon myself thus far. If you have thought about doing this challenge with me, go ahead and start!

So, continuing where we left off from yesterday...

Every week our team publishes a dev-focused newsletter with all the coolest stuff going on in the dev world.

The newsletter is split into stories. Below is an example of one of our stories.

A News Story From The Weekly Drip

Also, here is a link to the newsletter I'm referring to in case you'd like to read it for context.

I could talk about how stuff works and why we pick certain stories, but I'll leave that for another time. Today I just want to talk about what stuck out to me in this weeks news articles, which story was my favorite, and what I learned from these articles.

1. What stuck out to me.

This week there was a lot of solid news that had some depth that other weeks sometimes don't have. Over half of the articles were long reads, and/or took multiples links for complete uunderstanding/context For example, the Ethereurm-Blockchain size article was a sudo response to an article written 8+ months ago, and to get the full 'heated' feel you basically needed to read the threads on Hacker News and Reddit. Also, both of these articles were super thick. Tons and tons of information. I've read a lot about blockchain technologies, and these articles went the most over my head out of any I've read in the past year. That being said, they are solid and tottally worth the read. What I did pick up made me glad I read and dove into this universe.

2. Which story was my favorite.

My favorite news story was definitely the Functional Generative Art. Not only was I not aware that Elm can generate SVG images, but I also didn't know there is a way to make my inner artist shine. Xavier Ho in 30 min went from top to bottom on how he set up a robot to make art with Elm. How cool is that? I was always told I would never make it in the Art world, but now I have the inspiration to try this out. Then, I can claim myself as an artist, which I have always wanted to do.

3. What I learned from these articles.

  • The Ethereum-Blockchain size is over 1TB, and until recently there was good reason to belive it wasn't going to get this size this quickly.

  • Google Cloud Platform is still working out some issues.

  • Flutter is a thing, and it looks really neat.

  • There is a type of art that I can make. Thanks Xavier Ho for showing us tech people that we can make art too!

  • I don't know anything about CSS selectors, and I should probably spend some time messing with them. They seem really neat/fun/cool/effiecint/ ran out of adjectives/ but seriously what will make me try these? If it was a JavaScript Framework I would already have a T-Shirt.

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