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Write With Me (Day 2)

This is part of my Write With Me series, where I hope to inspire myself and other to write daily for 7 days. This post is more of a short diary entry, so you've been warned. However, if you are looking for some quick inspiration to motivate yourself to write, read on!

Today is day 2 of my writing extravaganza. On day 1 I gave an intro what my goal was and hoped that others would join me in trying to write daily.

Today is only day 2, and I've already found it hard to think of something to write about. As the day went on I kept thinking about what I could write about and nothing came to mind. Then it hit me. I've already been writing for 3+ hours today, so why not write about that! So, small interview with myself begins... Not really, but I am going to break down what I did today, and what I wrote about today, and what I found interesting.

I help manage the weekly newsletter for We love developer news at DailyDrip, and we find our favorite stories every week and then ship them off to our community with the highlights we took from them, and our takes from the story.

Typically we send out our newsletter on Saturday mornings, but last week I was at the beach so we decided to send one out today instead.

So, now I've met daily writing goal, so I will just call this part 1, and then I might follow up on the rest of this tomorrow.

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