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My Hacktoberfest progress

bolt04 profile image David ・3 min read

In this post I'll share a bit about my progress in Hacktoberfest 😃. At the start I set some goals and so far I have 4 PRs awaiting for approval (in the review period), so I need four more to complete my goal. So far it has been difficult in some areas, but most have to do with time constraints. The other issues are usually finding something I want to work on, that isn't already taken.

Before I show my PRs, have a look at EddieBot if you want to make some open source contributions. I'm a maintainer so I want to help anyone new to open source settle in, and feel comfortable to contribute 😃. These are good first issues since they should all be simple and easy to get started.

GitHub logo EddieJaoudeCommunity / EddieBot

Discord bot for Eddie Jaoude's Discord server


Production workflow Develop workflow

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Discord bot for Eddie Jaoude's Discord server

→ Features of EddieBot

  • Set/Get user bio with description and social links

  • Timezone, listens for messages that contain 1:30pm UTC and replies with common timezones translation

  • Code of Conduct

  • Daily standup message consistently formatted

  • Help showing a list of available commands

  • Members role rewards

  • Gets tips of resources on a given subject

  • Server status, to display some statistics of the server (e.g total number of users and messages)

  • Firebase (Firestore) integration, allowing people to easily add commands and persist data

  • GitHub Actions deploys mainline branch to Azure

→ Requirements

My PR's 🎯

my progress

Here is the list:

You can probably tell a pattern on all those PRs... yes, they are all made to repositories under the Eddie Jaoude Community organization 😅. I still haven't ventured out and contributed to other projects, and I want to try and improve this. The reason is to get out of my comfort zone. I know these projects pretty well so it was easier to work on.

Some tips ✍️

There were a couple of things I always keep in mind when making a PR which is:

  • Add keywords to link issues like closes: #91
  • Add screenshots in case the change is UI based or there is an example you can show
  • Explain why you did something a certain way if that is not clear by the changes and the linked issue. Having links to docs or something else that help explain that decision is important, imo.

Also, only four of the PRs on the image count since the others were for test purposes or syncing the fork.

Conclusion 🚀

I want to set a new goal: make one PR on a completely new project 😁!

I'm very happy to be participating in this event, even if I struggle to keep up on news and Discord chats every day. I found YouTubers giving out awesome tips, Twitch live streams with live coding to solve issues, and a whole community supporting open source (e.g. the contributions to forem). I love this type of content 💯 and want to support it and share it so that everyone that doesn't know about it, learns about it!

We all live to share knowledge... and well, links to resources 😁. So here you go, a small list of awesome content that helped me:


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Eddie Jaoude

Awesome post!

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David Author

Thank you Eddie ☺

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excelent tips, i have a javafx aplication dinawall in my github repo is a dinamic wallpapers application for linux and macos,