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I'm participating in Hacktoberfest

bolt04 profile image David ・2 min read

In case you haven't seen the announcement on, starting tomorrow Hacktoberfest will begin. I'll be a participant and maintainer during the event 😁.

As a participant, I want to contribute with a wide range of technologies and types of contributions (e.g. code and documentation). I'll spend some of my time looking here for projects and exploring GitHub.

As a maintainer, I will be adding the hacktoberfest label to some of the repositories on the Eddie Jaoude Community, like EddieBot. Then I'll keep my eye on any contributions made, review and merge PRs 😃.


I want to set my goals a bit higher and see if I can meet them. I'll have more time during the weekend, but instead of 4 PRs (1 per week), I'm pointing towards 8 (2 per week).

On top of that, I'll try my best to document my journey with each contribution and making a blog post out of it. I look at this as an additional challenge. My focus will be to provide the best quality I can to each and every PR I make on other projects. Making contributions is not just about improving a project, it's also a learning experience. So if I fail to provide the best quality on a PR, I'll learn from it and improve the next one!

It's Hacktoberfest time!!! Let's contribute to open source 😃!


Here is a list of resources that helped me out, and hopefully can get you started as well:


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Eddie Jaoude

Awesome! Thanks for the shout out too! :)

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David Author

Thank you for the amazing video 👍