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Bolaji Wahab
Bolaji Wahab

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Hi there,

My name is Bolaji Wahab, I have been using PostgreSQL for 4 years now and I'm loving it. I currently work as Database Engineer with focus on PostgreSQL.
I am starting a weekly blog series on on PostgreSQL with focus on installation, configuration, monitoring, performance tips, troubleshooting, debugging and various other PostgreSQL tips.
I hope someone finds the blog series helpful.


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Bernd Wechner

I expect anyone using Postgresql might find that useful. Sounds good. You are very light on details though. Do you mean you will start it here on as a growing series? Or elsewhere?

I'd generally suggest announcing a blog intent with a first article, rather than prior to it. But it's a big issue so or so. If it's a good blog, I'll be following.

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Bolaji Wahab Author

Hi Bernd,
Thanks for the comment. Yes, it's going to be a growing series on

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Bernd Wechner • Edited on

Just a head's up that you can make a series that has a TOC at top simply by making them a series, as in when you edit your article, at the bottom there's a gear icon, click that and you'll see an option to create a named series and add the article to the series. You also won't need to include the date in the title as when you open the article the date posted is under the title.

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Bolaji Wahab Author • Edited on

Nice, that works. Thank you.