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Bogomil Shopov - Бого
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My Mozilla Sprint #2. Why don't you join me?

After successfully finishing my Sprint #1, my Sprint #2 goals are here.

Start date: January-8th
End date: February -7th

1: Do something crazy and almost impossible

I decided to run for the Thunderbird Council and be the community’s voice there. I’ will write an additional post about why I want to do that. The chances are close to -10 %, but I still want to do it.

2: Add more details to Wikipedia’s Thunderbird page in Bulgarian.

Due to my previous sprint, I created the Bulgarian version of the Thunderbird page. I plan to add more details, especially around end-to-end encryption and other privacy-related functions.

3: Continue with the QA of the Bulgarian translations.

My goal is to get at least ten people to give feedback on how the translation of some of the Mozilla products works for them and how they can see it improved. I will also involve more communities from Bulgaria to help me with that mission.

4: Help during FOSDEM

I plan to spend 12 hours helping Mozilla and Thunderbird booths at the event. I aim to show how you can contribute to different parts of the project where I have experience and encourage people to explore more about being a FOSS contributor.

Apart from that I will talk about the future of e-mail - a viewpoint of a customer

5: Getting the website translated to 100% and fixing the mismatches.

The Thunderbird website provides helpful information about the features and why to use them. It’s a landing point for almost everyone who wants to understand more about the product.

6: Continue to support people

I will spend some time at, matrix, and Bugzilla to help people and translate valuable content there.

7: Donations

I’ll donate to the project and check whether my employer could match them. I have my goals, but I will not share them here.

P.S. I first published this post on my blog here.

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Bogomil Shopov - Бого • Edited

If you want to start contributing and are not sure how I'll be happy to give you some ideas.