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10 ideas for SaaS startups in 2023 - by ChatGPT

I was just testing out ChatGPT today and here are the 10 ideas for SaaS startups in 2023 that it suggested:

  • A cloud-based project management and collaboration platform, with features such as task management, team communication, and file sharing.
  • A virtual event platform, enabling organizations to host conferences, workshops, and other events online, with features such as live streaming, networking, and interactive sessions.
  • A marketplace for online courses and learning resources, connecting students with educators and subject experts, and providing tools for content creation and delivery.
  • A platform for personal finance management, providing tools for budgeting, expense tracking, investment planning, and credit score optimization.
  • A platform for remote work and team productivity, with features such as virtual meetings, team task management, and shared workspace tools.
  • A platform for social impact and charitable giving, connecting donors with organizations and causes, and providing tools for impact measurement and reporting.
  • A platform for content creation and distribution, enabling organizations to create and share videos, images, and other multimedia content across multiple channels.
  • A platform for customer feedback and support, providing tools for tracking and managing customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback, and for analyzing customer sentiment.
  • A platform for online marketplaces and e-commerce, providing tools for creating, managing, and promoting online storefronts and product listings.
  • A platform for health and wellness tracking, providing tools for tracking fitness, nutrition, sleep, and other health metrics, and for providing personalized recommendations and coaching.

What do you think? Some of those are quite spot-on!

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alex036 profile image

Number 8 is something I've thought about making for a while. It'd need a USP though and some validation.

bobbrob profile image

This is massive.

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