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Some Job Hunting Resources and Advice

bmweygant profile image Brandon Weygant ・3 min read

General Advice and Observations

Non-essential Skilled Job Posts Have All Upgraded Reqs
This may just be me or software/web development specifically, but I have noticed that many Junior/Entry level roles have gone away. Everything right now seems to be upgraded one level up. Senior roles are everywhere, and it is really hard to find a role that matches someone with less than 5 years of experience right now. This may be in part because a lot of jobs suddenly shifted to remote, and employers have always valued more experience in those roles. All I can say is keep applying anyway.

Networking From Home

Probably the biggest shift in job-hunting is how networking has been effected. Now is a good time to connect and reinforce existing network contacts - even engaging non-professionally just to check-in. With meetups, conventions, and other group events on pause for a while, it gets very hard to expand your network by physically meeting new people.

If anyone knows of any Virtual Job Fairs or Online Networking Sessions/Events (not LinkedIn or other social media) please let me know by commenting down below.

Volunteer Opportunities

There actually are some pretty unique volunteer opportunities to help gain some experience. For example New York is putting together a Covid-19 SWAT Team and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has made a mass call out for tech experts to create a machine readable Covid-19 dataset. There is literally zero harm in checking out volunteer opportunities, and may actually be the best way to network in this crisis.


1. Candor
Anybody who hasn't seen this crowd-sourced list yet should really check it out. Easily the most helpful resource available. It tells you whether a company is hiring, in a hiring freeze, or laying off. It also tracks industry-specific statistics regarding how many companies in a said field are in a specified status.

2. Remote Jobs in March Google Doc
This is a massive list of remote jobs that were posted and available in the month of March (approximately 1589 jobs or so). I haven't been able to validate how many of these positions were frozen, changed, or removed as of today, but it is a resource worth checking out. The list is organized by company, contains a link to the job postings, and has several labels provided to each job for easy doc navigation.

3. Power to Fly
My favorite traditional blog article so far, this is a list of 28 well-known companies still hiring. Link's to each companies postings on where you can get more detailed info on each position.

4. Hacker News
A web sourced forum article that is worth taking a look at.


Just stay safe, be careful, and keep pressing forward.

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