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Learning Rust by creating a terminal clock - Part 2

In the last post I had just added the progress bar for the month. I also noted that the code is in desperate need of a clean up but I haven't got there yet. I'm having too much fun adding new features and learning things. Although I will have to get there eventually.

Adding a CI pipeline

Since that last post one of the main things I accomplished was to add a CI pipeline to the project using Travis CI. This is something I've done before in my various PHP projects but not with Rust. It had also been a while since I used Travis CI but it's so simple to use it didn't take long to figure it out again.

Basically I just needed to enable my GitHub repository in Travis CI and commit a .travis.yml file which I've done here:

With that configuration, Travis CI will run the following commands in the pipeline:

  - cargo build --verbose --all
  - cargo test --verbose --all

Power of open source

I also had someone contribute to the project which was great. Shout out to

ntrupin image

for the help. They made several contributions since my last post which are much appreciated.

Year Progress

Finally, I added one more progress bar for the year countdown. I think this will probably be the last progress bar. I'm not sure if I'll add the century countdown progress bar or not.


  • I really need to do some code cleanup.
  • I want to research other possible tools to use in the CI pipeline (linters, code sniffers, code quality etc...)
  • Prototype some UI design ideas.
  • Add some more issues for other possible features.

As always any and all feedback is appreciated!

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