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Releasing Cherrybomb 0.7

I'm happy to tell you that the Cherrybomb version 0.7 open source tool for validating application programming interface (API) specifications is now available.

The tool for validating APIs can now be part of your CI pipeline, Your life will become much simpler as a result.

Cherrybomb is a comprehensive, open-source API definition that simplifies the design, construction, and consumption of application programming interfaces (APIs) for software developers. Everything from data formats and request methods to error handling and authentication is covered within the standard.

We wanted Cherrybomb to be simple, both to understand and to use, so we created it that way. Since the specification is mostly based on already-established standards like the JSON API and HTTP, it should be easy for developers to adapt to the new environment.

I believe that Cherrybomb will make it simpler for developers to construct application programming interfaces (APIs) that are standardized, well-documented, and straightforward to implement. We have high hopes that Cherrybomb will emerge as the industry standard for application programming interface (API) development.

Check out the specifications for Cherrybomb on GitHub if you want to get started with it.

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Chaim Peer

Thanks for sharing

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Roy Author


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