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Wanna uncover sneaky APIs with us? 🐱‍👤 👀

Hello everyone, 👋

I wanted to share an exciting opportunity with the community. We're hosting a webinar titled "How to discover your hidden APIs". It's a deep dive into the intricacies of the cyber world, and I genuinely believe it's something that could benefit a lot of us here.

We've managed to onboard some top-tier cyber experts for this session. The focus will be on the intricacies of hidden/shadow/rouge APIs. These unauthorized APIs can introduce significant security risks by bypassing official channels and protocols, and hidden APIs can create a sneaky hole in your security policies.

We'll delve into the potential threats they pose, discuss best practices to identify them, and share strategies to mitigate their risks.

Secure your seat: Discover Your Hidden APIs Webinar

Looking forward to a great exchange of knowledge!

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