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Cherrybomb for OWASP Conference 😁 🥳

API Security Testing into your CI Pipeline

Right now, your web app is most likely vulnerable to an attack.
According to a recent survey, 9 out of 10 web applications were vulnerable to attack in recent years, with 45% of production apps exhibiting "high risk" vulnerabilities.
That is a significant number.
CherryBomb can help you run automatic security checks right in your CI/CD pipeline, which is outstanding.


We are glad to announce that we will present CherryBomb at an OWASP conference.
The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a nonprofit foundation that works to improve the security of software.
This OWASP Conference is open to the entire community, and if you're keen on being ahead of the curve, let's have a chat! But you should surely attend.

It will be shown how the OpenAPI spec and Cherrybomb can be used in the real world.

Points we are going to talk about

  • OpenAPI specifications concepts and how important and simple they are to generate

  • API security testing in the CI pipeline, as well as a demonstration of Cherrybomb's functionality.

  • Demo Time 😋 We'll use Cherrybomb to find a set of vulnerabilities on a live API.

Link for the conference:
Test your API for free now at BLST!

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