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Learn to Build Decentralized Applications In an Hour: Introducing ‘Zero-to-Dapp’

Learning to build a decentralized blockchain application doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming for developers. Using languages and frameworks they already know, Blockstack makes it easy to build decentralized applications that protect privacy, are inherently more secure, provide data portability, and more.

To help make getting started even easier, we’re introducing the ‘Zero-to-Dapp’ tutorial. The tutorial is a step by step sequence designed to help developers quickly understand the Blockstack platform, the benefits of decentralized architecture, and create a working decentralized application, all in just about an hour.

While working through the Zero-to-Dapp tutorial, developers will create a multi-page web app called ‘Animal Kingdom’. In the course of building the application developers without previous blockchain or decentralized application experience will:

  • Learn how decentralized applications (Dapps) are different from traditional web or mobile apps.
  • Explore the Blockstack Ecosystem and its powerful platform capabilities.
  • Discover the potential resources available through App Mining.
  • Build a multi-page web dapp using standard front-end frameworks.
  • Deploy and publish your application

In addition to learning a new approach and platform, developers who complete the Zero-to-Dapp tutorial and submit it to get a free limited edition t-shirt (pictured below).

As you begin building we welcome you to join the Blockstack community, you can connect with thousands of other developers and the Blockstack PBC team via Slack and the Forum.

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