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December App Mining Results: Meet The Top Ranked Blockstack Applications

The results are in: Congratulations to every team and founder that was a part of December’s App Mining Pilot run, you and your apps are an integral part of the Blockstack ecosystem and the decentralized internet. $100K USD has successfully been distributed in Bitcoin across eligible Blockstack apps according to December’s final rankings . Rankings were determined according to the App Mining algorithm which uses scores from independent App Reviewers.

App Mining has been rigorously designed to fairly fund developers that are building the best decentralized applications on Blockstack. We welcome the 16 new apps that joined the program since the alpha run and invite developers to register for next month’s payouts – the deadline is January 4th, 2019.

Please meet the top 10 earners for December below, the full list of results can be found on

1) Graphite: Encrypted, shareable, decentralized personal data


Recommended for users of: Google Drive, Dropbox Paper, Office 365, Quip

Do you really want google reading everything you write? Every keystroke you make? Even the ones you delete? @graphitedocs

— George J Peacock (@Peacockg) December 15, 2018

2) Stealthy: Decentralized communication platform on Blockstack


Recommended for users of: Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Secret, Google Hangouts

Here's what your #encrypted message looks behind the scenes on #Stealthy

The content is only visible to you and your @blockstack contact 🔏 🕵️‍♀️#decentralized #controlyourdata

— (@stealthyim) December 6, 2018

3) Zinc: Work based identity & reputation system


Recommend for users of: LinkedIn

🚀Zinc is LIVE 🚀and officially open for business 🙌 With positive endorsements & the new website live, we look forward to welcoming #recruiters & #candidates onto the platform as we start to populate the #Zinc ecosystem #blockchain #recruiting

— Zinc (@zinc_work) September 17, 2018

4) Afari: Group based, privacy focused social network


Recommended for users of: Twitter, WeChat, SnapChat, Peepeth

I'm using @afari_io, a decentralized social media platform built on @blockstack. Join me at!

— 𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔬 ⚡ (@m4rio) November 5, 2018

5) BlockVault: Decentralized password manager for teams


Recommended for users of: 1Password, LastPass, LogMeIn, Dashlane

Woot! Woot! BLOCKVAULT just got hunted on @ProductHunt! 😺

If PH is your thing, check out our page over here 👉

— BLOCKVAULT (@blockvaultdapp) December 9, 2018

6) SpringRole: Decentralized professional network platform.


Recommended for users of: LinkedIn, Angellist

We are at 35K users 🙂

— SpringRole Inc. (@springroleinc) December 4, 2018

7) Entaxy: Insight into your finances, without sacrificing your data


Recommended for users of:, Prosper, Penny, Personal Capital

Entaxy: Insight into your finances, without sacrificing your data via @jack_neto

— Jack Neto (@jack_neto) April 4, 2018

8) Recall: Safely store and access your photos.


Recommended for users of: Google Photos,, Flickr, Dropbox, Photobucket, iCloud

#TopHunts of Dec 7, 2018 on @producthunt 🚀 🌟 Products by @MinhoKo120 @nhuphan0404 @jackveiga @alvesjtiago @teddy 🏆

— Top Hunts Daily (@tophuntsdaily) December 8, 2018

9) Misthos: Governance and financial management platform.


Recommended for users of: BitGo, Quickbooks

Shout-out to @misthosio on #FutureMoney on @konsensusry with @OmniFinn and @simonlutz21! #Bitcoin #MultiSig

— Max Hillebrand ₿~Lex Rex~ ⚡ 🔑 October 23, 2018

10) Blockusign: Encrypted Document Signing and Digital Notary – Powered by the Blockchain

Website : **

**Recommended for users of:
Docusign, Eversign, DocHub

Graphite + Blockusign: Encrypted alternatives to DocuSign and Google Docs. Here is a commentary video with founders @polluterofminds and @nicktheile on how to Create, Sign and Verify a contract w/o a 3rd party @BlockstackApps @ProductHunt @DemocracyEarth

— blockusign (@blockusignapp) December 9, 2018

More decentralized apps are being built everyday so if you want more security, more privacy, and more data portability – give these alternatives and re-imaginings of centralized services a chance. Trying these upstart applications (and offering feedback if you can) is one of the best things you can do for the future of the internet and your own digital rights. Apps are added to everyday, visit to sign up for receive an email update featuring new dapps added each week.

If you’re a developer, it’s the perfect time to join the program. Learn to build a dapp in an hour or less and start App Mining with the Zero-to-Dapp tutorial and then register for App Mining at

12/19/2018, 3:53pm EST: This post has been updated to reflect a ranking correction described here_ in further detail._

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